Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Contact Information:

Inspire Development Centers
Procurement Department
105 B South 6th Street
Sunnyside, WA 98944
Phone: 509-837-2225
Fax: 509-839-8688


Currently Available BID/RFP's:

Bid Title       Opening Date    Closing Date    
    2018-011 Learn Management System - Hosted                                                                   10/02/2018                                                                    10/19/2018 4PM PST


Closed Bid/RFP's 

REPOST RFP2018-003 Occupational Therapist Assistant     
REPOST RFP2018-007 Speech & Language Therapist           
Award to: Multiple Providers 
RFP#2018-004 Occupational Therapist              Award to: Multiple Providers 
RFP#2018-005 Psychologist      Award to: Multiple Providers  
RFP#2018-006 Special Education Provider Award to: Multiple Providers 
RFP#2018-007 Speech and Language Therapist       Award to: Multiple Providers 
RFP#2018-008 Speech and Language Therapist Assistant       Award to: Multiple Providers       

 RFP#2018-002 Time Clock Solution - Re-Post                                       Award To: Time Clock Plus     
 RFB#2018-009 Mabton Site Development                                              Award To: Total Site Services       
 RFB#2017-005 Granger Site Development                                             Award To: Total Site Services
RFP#2017-004 Financial Management Software  Award To: Status Not Que-Sage Intacct 


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